THE Joseph Rowntree Theatre is looking for a new volunteer board member who will be jointly in charge of helping to manage and support the theatre’s volunteer staff.

The appointed trustee will be responsible for organising the scheduling of volunteers, both front of house and backstage.

The new trustee’s workload will be shared with Barbara Boyce, one of the directors of volunteering at the theatre. Barbara said: “We are looking to recruit an exceptional person who will be crucial in ensuring the effective staffing of each production staged at the theatre.”

Dan Shrimpton, chair of trustees at the theatre, described the role at “vitally important,” to the running of the venue.

Mr Shrimpton said: “Although unpaid, the post offers enormous rewards to the right candidate, including belonging to a very supportive board and enjoying the magic of theatre first-hand.

“You will be involved in one of the country’s top community-led theatres, working with remarkable people from a wide range of backgrounds to deliver great entertainment to the people of York.”

The coordination of the volunteers is mainly done electronically using an online database and communication tools, so having strong computer skills are required.

Whilst there are established processes already in place, there will be plenty of opportunities for the new director of volunteering to make their own mark on how the role is carried out.

The time commitment will vary depending upon the theatre’s scheduled activities, but it is anticipated that the role will usually take up between approximately four and six hours per week.

In addition, the new trustee will attend 12 board meetings each year, each lasting approximately two hours, usually held on the first Monday of each month.

Meetings are currently held over video conferencing, so applicants must familiarise themselves with this.

All trustees act as duty managers within the theatre several times a month. On a typical show evening, the duty manager arrives at the theatre for 6pm for a show beginning at 7.30pm, and usually leaves by 10.30 pm.

If you are interested and want to find out more, email Barbara Boyce on