WITH the re-introduction of lockdown comes that phenomenon (very noticeable in the earlier version) of 'exercising the car'.

While there are undoubtedly bona fide reasons for people being out in their cars, when I see the volume of traffic on the roads - my daily walk today took in Haxby Road and Huntington Road - I must ask how much of this is legitimate and essential?

In the light of today's frightening statistics, and speaking as a 72-year-old who had pneumonia two years ago, people need to ask themselves whether their journey is essential.

Also, I feel the government has been dilatory in taking appropriate action to combat Covid, not least in educating people in how antisocial behaviour results in the situation we find ourselves in.

Surely, using one's car unnecessarily is unessential and antisocial?

Guy Dowse,

Meadowfields Drive,