A YORK marketing, PR and social media agency is launching new e-learning courses as more charities, businesses and sole-traders go digital to keep trading.

Ellen Cole who runs Little Seed Group hopes to help organisations become more confident in using digital communications.

Little Seed Group is planning to run online courses on topics such as how to write and distribute a press release; beginner guides in Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok marketing, as well as Mailchimp for beginners.

Ellen was the first certified Mailchimp partner in North Yorkshire.

Ellen said: “Covid-19 has made many businesses and charities acutely aware that they have digital skill gaps in their teams, which is why I’m launching e-learning courses throughout 2021 to help organisations to embrace digital and to learn the fundamentals to attract, engage and convert consumers.”

“Education plays an important role in society and professional development is crucial more than ever to minimise the effect of shocks and stresses of future events,” she said.

“The pandemic has made us all acutely aware of how closely interconnected we are with one another, and if one industry falls, it can create a domino effect in other sectors.

“I am launching my press release course in late January, with my TikTok and Mailchimp courses following shortly afterwards. I hope by upskilling people in different digital marketing areas that I will be able to contribute to continuous business growth in the city and help organisations grow, thrive and blossom long-term.”

For details, contact Ellen via www.littleseedgroup.co.uk