A TEAM of rowers, one formerly of York, have now passed the halfway point in their staggering journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

David Bruce, who grew up in Yorkshire, was once a York City junior rower.

David is in currently the process of completing the epic task of rowing across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Barbados, which equates to 2,000 miles.

Alongside David are three other rowers, one a serving marine, Sam Edwards and two veterans, Juniour Mcilihiney and Will Schweppe.

The team have now passed the halfway stage of their adventure, which they reached on December 28.

David said the trip has been “exciting,” so far as they have come across a range of ocean wildlife, including sharks and dolphins.

They have also had to tackle rough weather, including waves of up to five metres, for most of their journey so far.

One wave even broke over the boat when the water tight hatch was open, causing damage to some of the smaller electronic gadgets.

Along the way, they have celebrated David’s 25th birthday and even managed to put a small cake and some candles together.

The team joked that to celebrate the New Year they “parked the boat and walked down to the local pub.”

They are hoping to raise funds for the Cockleshell Endeavour charity, named after the famous Cockleshell Heroes of the Second World War.

The charity pairs serving marines with veterans wounded in body or mind for endurance water sport events, to help them regain personal equilibrium and readjust to ordinary life.

If you wish to support their efforts, visit: https://bit.ly/39UrCCn

You can also track the team’s challenge on their website at: https://bit.ly/2IwKWu1