YORK-based chocolate makers have launched a limited edition vegan bar to celebrate Veganuary.

Choc Affair have created a special lemon chocolate bar following the success of their first Veganuary bar in 2019.

Founder Linda Barrie and head chocolatier, Richard Gibbons, came up with the idea in 2018, after the independent chocolate manufacturing business noticed a year-on-year increase in demand for more flavoured vegan varieties of dark chocolate.

Linda said: “Richard and I experimented with many different flavoured bars for Veganuary and both agreed that the lemon-infused bar surpassed both of our expectations. The bar has a subtle hint of fruity and floral notes which comes from the chocolate and lemons that, when combined together, provide a refreshing tasting experience.”

Committed to using only sustainable, ethical and palm oil free chocolate, Choc Affair are looking to further expand their confectionery range throughout 2021 to include more vegan varieties as well as looking to introduce a plant-based milk chocolate range.

Linda added: “It is important for people to explore, experiment and seek out new experiences. Our vegan flavoured and single-origin bars have become hugely popular. Traditionally, consumers would stick to flavoured bars that they knew and loved, however, the pandemic has led to consumers becoming more open and adventurous in trying new flavours.

"We have seen a 143 per cent increase in vegan sales compared to 2019 and we’re hoping to maintain and grow this figure during 2021 whilst being mindful that 2020 was not a normal year.”

The dark lemon chocolate bar is available until January 31.

Linda and Richard are already discussing what bar to bring out for Veganuary 2022.

Linda added: “Richard and I enjoy the process of working together to create different flavour infused bars. We are both very creative and do tastings of new ranges with the team and our lovely customers. What we hope to achieve each year with our limited edition Veganuary bar is to help promote veganism in the wider community.”