AS Fulford United marks its 100th season - we look back at this stalwart of the York sporting scene over the years.

Club members delved into their own archives to send us a selection of team shots - the first dating back 100 years to 1920-21.

York Press: Fulford United 1920-21Fulford United 1920-21

Kim Smith, speaking for the club told us: "Fulford United FC are celebrating 100 years of the club.

"After taking a look into the archive of league tables, we have confirmed that the club’s origins date back to 1920.

"After speaking to the current team, past team members and long-serving former manager/player Dave Cade, we have been reminiscing about the proud history of the club over the last 100 years.

"We have been digging through the photo albums and have discovered a collection of great images ranging through the years from the very first back in 1920/21 to the most recent in 2020.

"Our team has been fascinated looking through the archive of photos and some of the lads have even spotted their older family members!

"We thought it would be great for readers to take a look through the photos and see if they recognise anybody too."

York Press: Fulford's 2019 squadFulford's 2019 squad

We are sure many of our readers will recognise many of these players.

If you have great photos and memories of playing or supporting Fulford over the years, do send them to us via the Send Now button below.

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All it remains to say is good luck to Fulford and all our local teams for the coming year - and the next 100 to come!