PUPILS at one York secondary school have been thinking of others this Christmas.

Pupils in Year 7 - Year 10 were tasked with designing the school Christmas card at Fulford School this year to send out to care homes and members of the local community.

There were more than 200 entries, with the sixth form student leadership team choosing the winner for each year group.

After the school contacted them, Age UK asked for 100 of the cards to be sent to people without family who might appreciate the gesture.

Deputy head teacher, Russell Harris, said: “The pupils involved were incredibly proud that their cards would be used to brighten up someone’s Christmas in what has been a very difficult year. Following this Fulford School and Age UK are going to look at linking further to create more opportunities to support whenever we can.”

Meanwhile with the proceeds from this year’s Christmas Jumper Day, pupils wanted to support York Food Bank.

Mr Harris said: “Staff and pupils made a tremendous amount of donations on this day. To build on this further an idea started within a Year 7 form of a form Christmas hamper - where pupils in each form created their own hamper that would also be donated to York Food Bank.

“This was then replicated across the whole school and resulted in a phenomenal amount of food items being donated. It also helped the pupils develop empathy for the local community.

“The outcome shows the importance of the schools core values in everything we do; an outstanding amount of food was donated by everyone at the school, alongside £1,090 also being raised through the fundraising efforts on Christmas Jumper day.

“The pupils are extremely proud of what they have achieved and the huge success of the collection.”