HARRY POTTER fans will know how Gemma Thirsk feels.

Here she is photographed in The Press aged 12 holding the seventh Harry Potter book and a certificate for being the first to purchase the book at from W H Smiths at Monks Cross.

Gemma, who was then a pupil at Joseph Rowntree School, York, queued for four hours to get her copy.

We tracked Gemma down. What does she remember about that time - and the book?

"I don’t really remember much about queuing up, although I do remember going straight home and staying up all night reading the book. I’d love to say that 13 years later I am not a huge geek anymore, but I still re-listen to the audiobooks on a regular basis: who doesn’t love Stephen Fry’s narration?!

York Press:

Gemma Thirsk, aged 12

"People who know me will say that I am just a bit of a HP fan, yes!"

We've waved our wand and magicked up some more photos from the past showing Harry Potter fans in various guises over the years.

Our photo from 2011 shows three Harry Potters and Ginny Weasley – Ian Mason, Ben Stubbings, Paul Sykes and Alice Lloyd - all performing at Malton School's end-of-term play.

York Press:

Harry Potter as Harry Potter!

And we also have a real life Harry Potter - dressed up as Harry Potter in this photo from 2014.

And there are lots more fab photos in our gallery at the top of this story.

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