FOR years those of us labelled ‘Remoaners’ explained that Brexit would be complicated, costly and pointless.

We explained that Brexit would damage trade, farming and the environment, cost jobs, create a massive increase in red tape, and threaten the peace process in Ireland.

We explained that Brexit wouldn’t help sustain UK fishing because most fish caught by British fishing fleets is sold in the EU.

We explained shared regulations on standards isn’t a loss of sovereignty, it’s just a normal part of any trade deal. Recently, we explained that reneging on international agreements trashes our global reputation.

Now look at the chaos as Johnson caves in on everything; 10 mile lorry tailbacks to cross the Channel, car plants closing, billions wasted on red tape and copying trade deals that we already had with the EU, the missing digital border system, 50,000 new border staff to hire, a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Those trading standards regulations Johnson can't accept with the EU? ... he has agreed those same regulations in a deal with Japan.

And don’t even ask about the weekly £350 million for the NHS.

Who was right? Brexit is complicated, costly and pointless.

Christian Vassie

Blake Court,