I’D like to suggest a correction to the article regarding the farce that is the Community Stadium.

The article states that the least worst option means “the council will be nearly £1.4 million out of pocket”.

The council won’t be out of pocket at all, every penny of this mess is being paid for by us, the local residents. This administration specialises in ratcheting up financial losses.

They started by giving themselves a four-figure pay rise, followed by a six-figure pay off to Mary Weastell and now seven-figure sums wasted on the Community Stadium.

The least worst option for me would see those responsible for this mess fired immediately, without a penny in payment, and Cllr Ayre resign before they get a chance to ruin the even bigger projects of York Central and the A1237 upgrades.

As Brexit is now just around the corner, might this be an appropriate time to ask the Lib Dem voters, given the above scandals caused by the administration you elected, are you sure you really knew what you were voting for?

Dr Scott Marmion,



YORK Council, as you are saying will happen, do not just meekly accept that your mistakes and inadequacies will cost taxpayers many £millions (The Press, December, 9).

The three Community Stadium restaurants are obviously not wanted by the trade.

Why have you, knowing for three years their unsuitability as restaurants, not tried to rent these units out for other retail purposes?

The figures of losses of £4.4 million and £1.4 million may just be numbers on an internal report to you, but to the council taxpayers of York they mean even higher increases on our yearly bills.

What other financially draining contractual caveats are still to be revealed in the future?

The words brewery, couldn’t, booze-up and run come readily to mind.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,

Dunnington, York

WHICH business advisors do York Council use? Were they advised that if they built three restaurants as part of the new stadium at Monks Cross some big players would come in and pay large rents for them?

With several restaurants already around the area, three new ones at a mostly empty sports stadium amongst several car dealerships does not have much romance going for it does it - or were they advised ' build it and they will come'? I don't think so.

Steve Hutchinson

Fox Glade,

Stamford Bridge