Although I don’t know Cllr Rosie Baker, I feel sure that she and I would agree that by far the biggest threat to our world is climate change. I expect we would also agree that it is caused by humankind dumping too much waste carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as direct result of our lifestyle.

Viruses are so small that 100 million of them will fit on the head of a pin. Carbon dioxide molecules are far smaller.

Radio waves have no physical form at all.

All are entirely invisible to humans, though viruses are big enough to be observed directly using the right microscopes.

We know about all three thanks to the scientific process of observation, theorising, experimentation, repeating results and peer review. You cannot pick and choose - you must follow the science. Cllr Baker is willing to embrace the science of climate change.

So why does she not accept the science telling her that 5G and fully tested vaccines are safe (Green councillors slammed after raising safety fears over 5G, November 25)?

The wonderful thing about the scientific process is that the results it produces are true whether you believe them or not, Cllr Baker.

Quentin Macdonald, Church Lane, Nether Poppleton, York