AN INDEPENDENT retailer is reaping the benefits of a sales boom after an appearance on TV.

Kemps - an independent gift and book store in Malton – saw an eight-fold increase in online sales after taking part in Panorama this week.

Owner Liz Kemp said: "Online went crazy - eight times what we'd receive on a regular day - it was a bit of a shock."

Liz said sales peaked from 8pm to 10pm on Tuesday during and shortly after the Panorama film ‘Business on the Brink’ aired on BBC1.

She said many orders came with lovely messages. "One said 'We saw your programme and feel we want to do something', it was really heartening," said Liz.

As shops reopened again on Wednesday following the end of the second lockdown , Liz said trade at the shop in Malton's Market Place was busy.

She said; "It was an interesting day! Lots of the local community are making a statement, making a choice - especially with the book shop. They are pleased to have a book shop in the town. There is a sense of pride in that."

The Panorama film, fronted by Richard Bilton, followed three North Yorkshire businesses and how they fared during the two lockdowns.

Liz said since the first lockdown, the store - which also has an outlet in Whitby - managed to expand into the premises next door and open a book shop as well as launch an online shop.

Liz said: "My commentary is an honest opinion of how hard it has been, the challenges myself and my partner Jonathan have had to overcome and our resilience and commitment to keeping both shops running.

"The filming has been a challenge in itself but I hope many small businesses can find some optimism in this current situation.

" I send all the business owners that took part my best wishes for the future. We are a diverse group, but our passion for our businesses is shared.”

Last year Kemps won a Federation of Small Business Award (FSB) for the Yorkshire and Humber Area.