FROM Kevin the Carrot to Cabbage Patch dolls, cute Furbies to cuddly Care Bears - over the years there have been many must-have toys.

Growing up, we have all pored over the catalogues, compiling our own wish lists for Santa. Very often these lists would never actually materialise, the bank of mum and dad is not a bottomless pit after all.

But there’s still something magical about those gifts we did receive.

Nothing could compare to that feeling of taking the wrapping paper off to discover what treasures lay hidden beneath.

We have been back into our archives to find some photos of some of the top toys of yesteryear.

How many of them did you have? Were there some you always wished you could have had? Have you still got some of your childhood toys?

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We asked them what toys they struggled to get hold of at Christmas time. Here's what they said:

Donna Louise said: "Power rangers were my 23 year old son’s obsession and always had to be the red one."

Becky Cheeseman: "Thunderbirds Tracey Island for my brother, it was impossible to find anywhere. I did contemplate trying to make the Blue Peter version for him!"

Christine Barker: "Care Bears and Barbie."

Andi Brigham: "Trying to get Tellytubbies for my daughter was a nightmare as she wanted them all!!"

Phillipa Pearce: "Cabbage Patch dolls so they ended up with the copies lol!"

Chris Plows: "Ker-Plunk, they'd sold out at London's - gutted."

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