I’M not surprised that Michael Gove believes that a Scotch egg is a substantial meal. This is the man who said that “outside the EU, we would still benefit from the free trade zone”, and now champions a no-deal Brexit.

But a Scotch egg is a substantial meal; which is why the queen's state banquets always feature only a Scotch egg, a glass of bubbly, and a cigar.

This Government’s handling of the pandemic has given the UK the fifth highest death toll in the world; beaten only by 4 disfunctional populist leaders: Trump’s US, Bolsinaro’s Brazil, Modi’s India and Obrador’s Mexico.

We all want pubs to survive the pandemic; why can’t we have grown ups in charge rather than chancers who don’t even know a meal when they see one?

Looking forward, our next challenge will be vaccination. Anti-vaxers will refuse to be participate and thereby threaten the nation’s recovery so I propose the following. Only those with a vaccination certificates can visit cafés, pubs, gyms and other public venues. That way the anti-vaxers can stand outside nursing their freedoms and the rest of us can enjoy a proper meal and a pint in the pub.

Christian Vassie

Blake Court,

Wheldrake, York