IT'S not every day a world famous sports star places an order with a York company - then recommends them to his fans.

But that's exactly what champion boxer Tyson Fury did three years ago when he picked the Strensall leather car interior firm Seat Surgeons to fit out his wife Paris's car.

Tyson had spotted photos of the company's work on social media - and telephoned to book in his wife's car for the luxury makeover.

Paul Hewitt, managing director at Seat Surgeons, told The Press at the time: “I got a call at 8am, and there was this croaky voice saying he wanted some leather seats for his car.

“Like all inquiries I just took down the details and told him what we could do, and he said he wanted to bring his car to us. He told me the name was Paris and there was no more to it.

“We didn’t know what time this customer was coming, so I was on my way back after a meeting in Haxby when one of my guys rang. He whispered down the phone to me ‘Paul, I think Tyson Fury is here in the office’.

“There was no missing him when I got there, he is such a huge man."

The Press were on hand when Tyson returned to pick up the vehicle - and see him give the thumbs up for the leather interior work.

Tyson, said: “It is a long way to come, but I did my research online and thought these guys were the best; the best only wants the best.

“I’m over the moon with the results. I left it to the guys here to come up with the design, I told them to surprise me, and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

“I’m sure lots of people are going to be asking me where I got them done, and I’ll be telling them about Seat Surgeons in York.”

Tyson’s order, for Scottish tan leather seats with a quilted diamond stitched pattern and personalised labels reading Fury, was designed and fitted by Seat Surgeons’ in-house design team.

Praise was given to York College student Luke who had been working on raising the profile of Seat Surgeon's on social media - and whose work had caught the eye of Tyson.

Within five weeks in the role, the 18 year old had secured high-value orders, and built up a page for the firm on social media site Instagram, attracting 2,400 followers.

Among those followers was the undefeated former WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

At the time, Seat Surgeons became the only account on Instagram that Tyson followed, despite having 360,000 followers.

Today, his account is followed by 3.8 million fans. The boxer hit the headlines again earlier this year when he defeated Deontay Wilder in the World Boxing Council World Heavy Title bout at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas in February.

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