DAVID Finch (Letters, November 24) forecasts car parks will not be needed a decade from now.

I am one of his 'traditional readers' who beg to differ.

Car parks are always a tempting target for our council (Clarence Street is only a fraction of what was, Marygate was only saved after strong protest) and now the promised multi-storey is under review.

My opinion is that the electric car will stimulate private car ownership.

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to step outside, get in the car and set off for where you will.

The motorist with an emission-free car will expect to be able to drive to the city centre and

park there.

Businesses in York have been hard hit this year as I see every day when shopping on foot in the city centre.

We need to attract visitors to shop, stay to eat and then enjoy our theatres, cinemas and clubs. The availability of convenient city centre parking is crucial to enabling this.

Jim Fox,