THE problems involved in the recently reported article in The Press (Dad , 76 , has Parkinson's but can't get a blue badge) not only highlights the intransigence of the City of York Council but the lack of any sort of compassion towards obviously poorly people.

It also highlights their inability to accept the written word of a consultant neurologist, Parkinson's nurse and GP. I just hope they don't find themselves in the same predicament.

There have been recent reports on the misuse of a blue badge and the huge fine imposed on the perpetrator.

On reflection and with the difficulty involved as in the case of David Paylor in obtaining a blue badge perhaps a large fine isn't a sufficient deterrent to the illegal use of a blue badge or even the illegal parking of vehicles in a disabled parking bay. Perhaps the confiscating of the vehicle might be an appropriate deterrent.

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,