A WOMAN who survived coronavirus despite being 99 has now turned 100 - but her daughter was unable to join the birthday celebrations after she also caught Covid ... at her own wedding.

The Press reported in July how Joy Andrew had ‘miraculously’ fought back against the virus at Minster Grange care home in York, having already survived a Nazi assassination attempt in post-war Germany and breast cancer later in life.

The home celebrated her reaching 100 on Sunday, but her daughter Michele has told how her own mounting health problems meant she could not be there.

“In the run up to her birthday, Joy was proud - but slightly disbelieving - of the fact that she was about to be 100,” she said.

“In March, when she caught Covid, I’d never have believed she’d survive to celebrate her centenary.

“It’s amazing, but not out of character for her to defy the odds, as her previous escapes from near death show.

“I’ve always been with Joy on her birthday, so it was a cruel irony that the one birthday I’ve been forced to miss is a milestone event.”

Michele said she had been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in the rib and neck and had had to isolate before her chemotherapy treatment the day after the birthday.

“I couldn’t risk taking infection into the hospital again,” she said.

“I got married last month and a wedding guest brought Covid to the wedding. Hardly the present I wanted! Half of the wedding guests caught the virus.

“The start of my cancer treatment was delayed as a result of this.”

She said she had inadvertently taken the virus into the hospital when she had an operation just five days after the wedding to see how far her cancer had spread.

“Naturally, I’d taken a Covid test before my operation, but the test came back negative,” she said.

“The virus was still incubating in my system at the time, so showed a Covid free result.

“As it was, the nurses looking after me had to be sent home and anyone in contact with me had to be tested. I felt absolutely dreadful about it... the NHS is under enough strain.

“I was crying on the phone to the Ward Sister of the Day Ward but, as she pointed out, how could I possibly have known?

“It’s completely soured the wedding memories. I don’t even want to look at the wedding photos.

“The honeymoon to Edinburgh was cancelled, as that was in severe lockdown.

“I haven’t been able to tell my mother that I’m seriously ill, or that I got married. These are life-changing events that I haven’t been able to share with her.

“I can’t speak to her on the phone, because she’s deaf and I can’t write her a letter because she’s almost blind. I don’t want somebody else reading out this news to her. I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to see her. Maybe after lockdown in between my cancer treatment. She thinks I’ve abandoned her, because she doesn’t understand about the pandemic. It’s just heartbreaking.

“So yes, I’m delighted she’s reached 100, but it’s been a bitter-sweet birthday.”