POLICE have released footage of a high-speed pursuit through York which resulted in the driver being jailed.

Connor Glenwright, 21, who was on parole for robbery, reached speeds of more than 80mph, smashed into another car and drove on the wrong side of the road during the incident.

It happened in February, when police tried to arrest him because he was wanted in connection with other offences.

The pursuit started on the A19 south of Fulford and saw Glenwright tearing through York’s suburbs at more than twice the speed limit.

At one point, he side-swipes an innocent member of the public but he fails to stop, hitting speeds of more than 80mph.

A tyre on the Audi he was driving explodes, but he continues to career through residential streets, sometimes on the wrong side of the road.

Finally outnumbered and outskilled by North Yorkshire Police’s advanced drivers, he comes to a halt by the Knavesmire and throws up his hands in surrender before he’s detained.

Glenwright was recalled to prison after he was charged with dangerous driving, and having no insurance and no licence.

He will serve an additional 14 months for the motoring offences, and was banned from driving for four years, seven months.

Traffic Constable Leanne Anderson said: “The footage serves as a stark reminder of the lengths some criminals go to in evading justice.

“Fortunately, officers from the Roads Policing Group and other skilled drivers were onto him and were able to bring the pursuit to a safe conclusion.

“An innocent motorist’s vehicle was damaged in the incident, which must’ve been very distressing for them, but despite Glenwright’s horrific driving, fortunately nobody was injured, or worse.

“Prison is the best place for people who drive like that, and we were only too happy to reunite him with his jail cell.”