York Police have been stopping cars in Bishopthorpe Road and Castle Mills today as part of a campaign to disrupt crime.

The police's York City neighbourhood policing team tweeted this afternoon that 'many vehicles' had been stopped and 'various offences uncovered, including one vehicle seized for no insurance'.

The ongoing 'Project Servator' operation aims to ensure a high-profile police presence on the streets - both to reassure members of the public, and to deter crime.

"We are working with partners, including businesses and the public, to continue to protect York and North Yorkshire and everyone who lives or works here and make it a difficult place for criminals and terrorists to operate," a police statement says.

"Project Servator has resulted in arrests for a range of offences and is responsible for removing firearms, knives and drugs from the streets."

The operation had also 'been successful in gathering intelligence that has assisted Counter Terrorism Units in investigating and preventing acts of terror', the statement said.

York Press:

Police in Bishopthorpe Road today as part of Project Servator