Leeman Road will be closed to traffic overnight on and off for up to six months from the end of this month so construction traffic and delivery lorries can reach the York Central site.

The city council will be issuing a closure order which will allow the road to be closed to traffic at night for 10 metres on either side of the Marble Arch bridge from November 30 until May 30 at times when construction traffic needs to access the site.

Other temporary road and footpath closures which have just been announced include:

Davygate: the street will be closed overnight for two nights, from 7pm on Tuesday November 24 until 6am the following morning, and again from 7pm on Wednesday night until 6am on Thursday morning, to allow sewers to be repaired.

Rougier Street: the street will be periodically closed overnight between its junctions with Station Road and Tanner Row from November 29 until January 8 to allow a crane to operate 

Murton: The footpath known as 'Murton Footpath No 9' will be closed for bridge maintenance work from today until April 23, or until the repairs have been completed, whichever is earlier.