A REPORT has spelled out new ways in which North Yorkshire's police and fire and rescue services have sought to collaborate and improve the help they give to the public

North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan has published her annual reports for the two services in 2019/2020 - primarily before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

She said one of the main developments had been improvements in collaborative working between the two organisations – from sharing buildings to training together - which meant they could deliver more efficient services for taxpayers in North Yorkshire and York.

She said the report also outlined the launch of a new complaints and recognition team, more efforts to tackle serial offenders of domestic abuse and the first open, wholetime firefighter recruitment campaign for ten years.

It also described the piloting of a new public safety service to prevent vulnerability and reduce harm in communities and the investment in local, visible policing.

She said:“There have been challenges, changes and improvements, but most important has been keeping the public front and centre in striving to provide the best possible service."