I FOLLOW with interest the case of Barnitts' application for planning permission to convert part of its premises and the problems they face regarding supplying some of the apartments as affordable housing.

Paul Thompson of Barnitts states that this development is financially crucial to the future survival of the shop. It is unthinkable that we lose this iconic and wonderful centre of excellence that is a huge part of York's real character, most of which has been lost in the name of tourism. No doubt restaurants and cafes would replace this "we have everything" shop.

I wholeheartedly agree with Matthew Laverack who reminds us of how Spark York has flouted planning permissions without penalty, even being encouraged to continue trading.

But I would like to add another example. How many affordable homes were provided in the St Leonard's " Millionaire's Row" development? Or is that ok as the council desperately needed to sell the property after the original prospective buyers, a hotel group backed out after Lendal Bridge was re-opened?

D McTernan,



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