So the lunatics have taken over the asylum! After months of seeing City of York Council griping about lack of support from Government during this pandemic, they manage to find £40K of our money to carry out research so they can tell us where they think we should park!

How many children could have been fed over half term or Christmas? How much PPE could this have bought for care homes?

Leave the city centre alone, reinstate the disabled parking everywhere - after all, the emergency Covid restrictions are only temporary, and were not brought in to further a political agenda but to help with social distancing. So, once we are out of these restrictions everything should return to normal, shouldn’t it?

This current set of councillors is so out of touch with the residents of this city it beggars belief.

We need streets open; we need parking available to all, especially disabled drivers to ensure we can all get into the City, park and spend in our lovely local shops.

Surely the above, which I believe is pure common sense, does not take £40K to ascertain – money which is badly needed by so many worthwhile causes?

Judith Morris,

Moorland Road