Incorporating simple techniques into one’s daily routine can interrupt the low mood being felt by so many at the moment.

Anything that makes one aware of habits and routines has a boosting effect on the brain.

So swapping hands from the usual to brush one’s teeth does this. Standing on one leg (having support nearby!) brings about a change of focus and a sense of achievement. Learning to juggle has a similar effect. Invest in a skipping rope (wire ones work better): this requires both mindset and puff. Even standing helps - one thing I benefited from as a result of the yoga class that The Press featured some time ago was following the teacher’s instruction to just stand then shift one’s weight from front to back, left ball to right heel, going round for a minute or two. Breathing slows, shoulders fall - all while waiting for the kettle to boil.

All these things are so small that they won’t lead to any sense of ‘must do’.

And after brushing your teeth, remember to give yourself a big smile in the mirror! Another mood booster.

Harold Mozley, Blakeney Place, York