YORK is a city still in flux. Buildings come and go, new roads emerge - and bridges too.

So it is fascinating to look at this collection of photos and see just how much the city has changed over the years.

Today’s collection of photos date back to the early days of photography - and even before flight was common.

One offers an aerial view from the 1890s, showing the confluence of the rivers Foss and Ouse. 

York Press: York from the air in 1890York from the air in 1890

Several photos were taken from the vantage point of a hot air balloon. Many were taken by staff photographers at The Press over the years; some have been submitted into our archive from readers, others are from outside sources such as Explore York Libraries and Archives.

Together, they paint an incredible picture of our changing city.
One grand aerial view shows us Rowntree’s Cocoa Works on Haxby Road probably dating from the late 1920s.

Another offers a great panorama taking in Bishopthorpe Road and Fulford Road from November 1956. With Bishopthorpe Road running to the west of the river, Fulford Road to the east, you can spot Terry’s factory office block in the bottom left.

York Press: York from the air: showing Bishopthorpe Road, the River Ouse and Fulford RoadYork from the air: showing Bishopthorpe Road, the River Ouse and Fulford Road

Fulford pumping station is bottom right. It would take another 45 years before York would have another bridge over the Ouse - the city’s Millennium Bridge opened in 2001, giving the city a new landmark to spot from the air.

No collection of aerial views would be complete without a photograph of York Minster - and we have included one from 1956. Look out too for images of York City Football Club’s ground at Bootham as well as the York by-pass in 1981.

York Press: A 1926 view of York Castle area from the airA 1926 view of York Castle area from the air

And savour the 1926 aerial view of York Castle area showing the Eye of York, Clifford’s Tower and the men’s prison, all surrounded by a wall.
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