IF you've ever fancied getting behind the wheel of a fire engine, now's your chance, and children get to have a go too.

York driving school Young Driver has added a fire engine to its fleet of vehicles and fun-seekers aged ten and over will get the chance to have a go at Elvington Airfield from January 10 next year.

So, whether inspired by Fireman Sam or Chicago Fire, can now get behind the wheel and drive, manoeuvre, reverse and park the fire engine, accompanied by a fully qualified instructor.

Young Driver is the UK’s largest pre-17 driving school and has delivered over 900,000 lessons to 10-17 year olds. Usually delivered in the latest state-of-the-art Vauxhall Corsas, now the scheme has added something a little larger to the fleet - an ex-service fire engine, complete with sirens, flashing lights, pumps and hoses.

The fire engine is a Dennis Sabre model designed to carry 1,800 litres of water and six fire fighters in full kit. Originally deployed with the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, it was decommissioned last year and has been adapted by Young Driver for learner drivers.

Sue Waterfield, head of marketing for Young Driver, said: “Who hasn’t seen a fire engine drive past and thought it would be good to have a go at driving one? Obviously we normally provide lessons for those under the legal driving age, but on our test day so many mums and dads wanted to drive the fire engine that we thought it made sense to open it up to kids of all ages, from 10 to 100.”

Motoring expert and Young Driver Patron, Quentin Willson, said: “Whatever your age it is great fun to drive on ‘blues and twos’. Driving a large vehicle teaches the craft of driving, builds confidence, improves spatial awareness and shows youngsters what drivers of large vehicles can - and can’t - see from the cab. Being able to successfully reverse a fire engine is a special skill that will benefit any driver - young or old.”

A 20-minute driving experience in the fire engine costs £39 and Christmas gift vouchers are available. To find out more or to book visit www.youngdriver.com