The City of York Council will argue its case with the Government for keeping the council as it is - rather than merging with Scarborough, Selby and Ryedale Councils (The Press, November 2.) This was decided in a council meeting.

York council has 47 councillors, the controlling parties have 24, Lib/Dems 21, Greens 3. I can't believe this is democratic. I don't mind our councillors working on our behalf when deciding which day to pick up our bins and I'm aware they deal with far more important issues.

However, on this subject I believe that this is far too important to be left to party politics or the votes of 24 councillors. We need a full debate. Facts and figures, not just in York but throughout the affected regions. Let's have a proper debate and a proper consensus.

Our council leader says: "Any change to York's footprint would either raise the costs to residents, or stretch services further". Whereas an opposition councillor stated that a larger council would see much more efficiency savings. Obviously saving on duplicating posts/departments.

Nevertheless, the council plans to press on regardless with devolution for York alone. In my opinion the council's ambition is akin to keeping "City" in the National League North. Whereas the team and all their supporters have more belief in themselves. The council is determined to retain its comfy little bastion for as long as possible.

David Room,

Elmpark View,