IT was good to see David Farnsworth's letter about managing wild grass verges.

He is of course right but whether the council or anyone else will take any notice is a completely different matter.

I wrote to The Press several weeks ago about the destruction of the Knavesmire as a habitat for wildlife as it used to be.

This also is green but nature has been obliterated by constant and unnecessary mowing.

The Knavesmire is at the moment very soft and wet with standing water in places but they were out again today mowing - yes really.

Before this the Knavesmire was starting to show its character again with a diverse number of grasses (some possibly dating back to the1700s when the Knavesmire was formed) flowers mostly dandelions and daisies so far and a good variety of mushrooms and fungi.

Not much but a start. If it is left alone until spring we may be surprised what starts to regrow and turn this barren very large grass field back into the stray it is meant to be. (That is of course unless the council has so much taxpayers' money to get rid of that they are convinced that this is money well spent).

It would also be interesting if The Press did a feature of Knavesmire in days past with any old photographs they or the public might have when it was an airfield or prison of war camp etc.

Colin Harbisher,

School Lane,

Bishopthorpe, York