YORK pub Puss 'n' Boots looks set to be turned into five new homes - marking the loss of yet another York pub.

Under a planning application, the Holgate pub will be demolished to make way for five family homes.

The plan marks a change from the original scheme to turn the pub in Hamilton Drive into a veterinary surgery.

The pub, which closed in September 2018, has had mixed fortunes and in the planning documents it is stated that the pub was no longer viable.

Barry Crux & Co who carried out the initial marketing assessment of the site said an analysis of falling beer volumes over the years showed the pub was "failing as a business" and "had become virtually unviable".

Planning documents reveal that a number of parties expressed interest when the property was marketed. A small number of people explored the possibility of purchasing the property as a public house, however, the poor financial figures meant that these parties were unable to form a workable business plan.

It's closure marks the loss of yet another York pub.

What are your memories of Puss 'n' Boots - and which York pubs do you miss?

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