NOW you see them, now you don't. Such is the nature of a "ghost sign" that they come and go, over days, months, years.

These signs tell of long-lost advertisers or businesses that once occupied the city - but they rarely draw more than a passing glance.

Some we know well and cherish - and protect - such as the Bile Beans sign on Lord Mayor's Walk and FR Stubbs Ironmonger at the bottom of Fossgate, on the building which is now the Loch Fyne fish restaurant.

York Press:

The Stubbs and Bile Beans signs are iconic landmarks in York

But many are less prominent; faded or hidden from view.

Some appear for a brief time before being covered over again. A fine example is the one for Foxton's garage which we could see in Piccadilly for a short few months this year following demolition work to make way for the new Hampton by Hilton hotel and an apartment block.

York Press:

The Foxton's garage sign on Piccadilly

Now that work is well under way constructing the hotel, the sign has all but vanished again. Peer into the slight gap between the two buildings and you can still see part of it.

While you are looking for it, keep your eyes peeled too for another ghost sign just metres away: it reads Trident and is painted on a gable end on Piccadilly.

York Press:

The Trident ghost sign on Piccadilly

And while in the area, take in the painted signs for the Banana Warehouse - savour them as they will not be there forever.

Another sign that has re-appeared temporarily is for TW Bell & Son Corn Merchants on a wooden hoarding above a hairdressing salon on Wellington Street, off Barbican Road. Decorators have been there this week so no doubt that ghost sign will be disappearing again.

York Press:

TW Bell and Son - ghost sign on Wellington Street

Not far from that location is a faded sign for John Smiths's Magnet Ale, painted on the side of a building in Apollo Street, off Heslington Road.

Other prominent ghost signs include the 'LANCE' on Navigation Road - which once read 'AMBULANCE' and was the location of the local ambulance depot.

York Press:

Another prominent ghost sign on York on Navigation Road.

Ghost signs are all around us - and you might be surprised by how many you can spot when you start looking.

Have you seen the faded one on Ordnance Lane off Fulford Road?

We would love to see any that you find - and hear any stories behind some of York's ghost signs.

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