STAFF and residents from a retirement home in York came together to enjoy a special cruise ship-themed party to help keep spirits high.

The staff members from the Ivy Lodge home in the in Haxby have held a range of themed parties over the last few months, to introduce an “international flavour.”

Their latest party was themed around a traditional cruise ship, with a variation of entertainment.

Residents were encouraged to make their own tiaras and were treated to a special afternoon tea as part of the ‘cruise’.

Describing the party, one of the residents at the home said: “These parties make me feel very light-hearted and definitely lift everyone’s morale.

“They help us to forget all of the awful things that are going on around the world at the moment.”

The entertainment for the party included a dance troop, made up of staff members from the home in sparkling outfits, as well as a ‘cruise’ singer, allowing residents to sing along to timeless classics.

There was also dancing at the party as staff gathered up the residents to take part in a renowned ‘conga’ dance.

Another of the residents said: “It has been such a wonderful pickup for us all, the staff work so hard to put on a show like that for us.

“They did it so beautifully, it has been such a great suprise.

“I think the entertainment was better than on a professional cruise ship.”

Some of the other parties the staff at the home have organised have been themed around certain countries, including Spain and South Africa.

Ivy Lodge are putting renewed emphasis on their in-house activities and recruited two new members onto the team to help with the process.

Carol Barnett, an ex-professional singer and Jenny Williams, a talent crafter, joined the team earlier this year.