A dog is man’s best friend, it’s often said. And a dog called Wilson is certainly one little girl’s best mate.

When eight-year-old Martha Vickers sent in this picture of her and her Labradoodle pup Wilson, the family still lived in Fangfoss.

But this week, they all moved lock, stock and barrel to the Dordogne region of France: where Wilson has been keeping Martha company.

“They’re downstairs together now!” said Martha’s mum Tara, speaking to The Press on the phone from France.

“It’s very important for Matha to have such a friend just now.”

Wilson, who is just seven months old, had his own ‘pet passport’. The family travelled to France via the Tunnel. And Martha reckons Wilson was a better traveller than her own parents. and certainly better than her two older brothers...

Wilson may be young, but he is one very large Labrador/ Poodle cross: in fact, he’s already bigger than Martha herself.

But he’s gentle with it. “He’s like a bear,” Tara said. “A big, soft bear!”

Martha says her best mate has talent, as well as a good nature.

"He likes to dance!" she says. 

Now that's something we'd love to see...

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Abi Ashby’s pet cocker spaniel Bentley also has a talent.

He’s the master of the cheesy grin, says Abi, from Pocklington.

“When Bentley wants something - especially food! - he does this big cheeky grin with his teeth on full show to see if his charm can get him what he wants,” she said.

“Who could say no to that cheesy grin?”

He’s also great with the family’s new baby, Neave. “I absolutely love it when it’s time to change Neave’s nappy,” said Abi. “Bentley thinks it’s his turn after and lies next to her with his feet in the air! So cute!”

Bentley's ability to cope with the new addition to the family, plus his unconditional love and quirky smile, make him a very special pet, Abi says.

Looking at that photo of Bentley showing off his toothy grin, who could disagree?