With the introduction of the latest lockdown on Thursday isn’t it time that we all batten down the hatches? We have become blasé regarding the virus. The variation of opinion reported in the media confuses us more.

The lockdown will only enforce what we should be doing anyway - restricting interaction with others, and restricting shopping to essential food shopping.

We get Uber drivers coming to York from Bradford and Leeds (a heavy coronavirus area); and people handling goods in shops then putting them back on display. I heard of a family who on returning to England from Greece sent their children to school the next day.

The virus is nasty but it’s the stupidity of too many members the public at large who exacerbate the problem. Hopefully the lockdown will force people to conform.

DM Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate, York

What a disgraceful scrum to catch the Hull Road bus

I had the misfortune of waiting to catch the Hull Road bus at 9.45pm on Saturday night. About 80 students also turned up to catch the same bus. They had been drinking, had no masks on and did not observe social distancing. When the bus came it was a disgrace: one mad push and shove to get on with no consideration for older people and women.

We wonder why the virus is spreading. I now have the answer.

Brian Macey, Millfield Avenue, York