ANOTHER week passes with yet more modifications to the rules on our lack of basic freedoms, all depending on where you live in the great Covid postcode lottery.

The Welsh want to bring back trolley snoopers, the Scots want England to bail out their pubs, the Irish want to close down completely, while devolved areas of England prefer to haggle over how much more money they can get from the Government so local officers can choose how to waste it instead of Westminster mandarins.

The sight of Andy Burnham standing there begging Boris for more cash in return for locking down his city like a modern day Oliver Twist was just laughable. That’s what we’ve been reduced to, a nation of snoopers, snitches and politicians selling our rights away for cash.

Wherever you stand on these responses, this inconsistent strategy gives the most graphic demonstration of why devolution doesn’t work.

It makes our country look as petty, divided, and impotent as the United Nations. Perhaps we should try declaring Maureen Eames as Lord Protector of the United Kingdom for a while and bring some order to the chaos.

Dr Scott Marmion,