AS the Brexit countdown trudges on, we get new evidence everyday of the deceit at the heart of the enterprise.

This week, Liz Truss, Johnson’s tireless supporter, tweeted that, thanks to the glorious Brexit trade deal she has agreed with Japan, British citizens will soon have cheaper soy sauce. She boasts Britain will no longer pay trade tariffs on soy sauce once we are free from the EU. But, oops, the EU already has a zero tariff trade deal with Japan so the net benefit of all these millions spent on negotiating a UK deal with Japan will be precisely… zero.

Billions are being squandered on this little Englander Brexit mirage for no trade benefit whatsoever. Like Trump, Truss appears to believe that if you are going to tell a lie make it a big one.

Our nation is already gripped by a deadly and economically devastating pandemic. If Bulldog Boris decides the best cure for our troubles is a no-deal Brexit then the zero tariff on soy sauce will be the least of our worries. Road hauliers and logistics experts are warning that the cost of household items and fresh food may go up 30 per cent in January.

Christian Vassie

Blake Court,