NOT every murder and crime in North Yorkshire gets solved.

Some cases have been open for decades as police desperately search for leads that could catch the culprit.

From the tragic 'red shoe murder' to the Malton woman who disappeared without a trace, here are three unsolved crime and murder cases in North Yorkshire:

Geoffrey Leeming in ‘The Coronation Street murder’

York Press: Geoffrey Leeming

In October 1996, Geoffrey Leeming was stabbed to death inside his own home.

The retired Haxby army man entered his garage between 7.30 and 8pm where he was attacked by an unknown assailant.

Mr Leeming was repeatedly stabbed but coroners revealed that it was a fatal stab would to the heart that actually killed him.

While this was happening, Geoffrey’s unassuming wife was in the living room watching Coronation Street which gave the murder its nickname.

The murderer then escaped from the quiet cul-de-sac area without a trace.

Later on, Geoffrey’s wife and two children were arrested and charged with conspiracy to kill the 63-year-old.

However, these charges were quickly dismissed before the case could go to court and the family were found to be innocent.

No other suspects in the case have since surfaced.

Claudia Lawrence

York Press: Claudia Lawrence disappeared ten years ago (North Yorkshire Police/PAClaudia Lawrence disappeared ten years ago (North Yorkshire Police/PA

This is arguably one of York’s most notorious unsolved mysteries.

In 2009, Claudia Lawrence disappeared on her way home from work.

She worked as as a chef at the University of York, but never turned up for her 6am shift the next day.

To this day, neither her body or the person responsible for her disappearance have been found.

After her father reported her missing, the police immediately appealed for information and started an investigation into her disappearance.

Her case even appeared on BBC’s Crimewatch, who made a film reconstruction of her disappearance in order to find more leads.

Five years after her disappearance and suspected murder, new CCTV footage emerged which reignited the case.

York Press: CCTV footage shows a man who could be linked to Claudia's disappearance CCTV footage shows a man who could be linked to Claudia's disappearance

The footage showed a man near an alley behind her house- he was there on the morning of her disappearance and also the night before.

However, police have never identified the man and the case has since gone cold.

Here is an interactive map showing the sites of interest during the search.

Norma Dale in ‘The Red Shoe Murder’

This historic murder case of Norma Dale dates back to 1946 but it is still shrouded in mystery.

On September 21, the four-year-old left her Tang Hall home in  to play out with her friends- she would never return home.

Her body was discovered on a wasteland the next day, by 11-year-old Michael Duffy.

The little girl had been strangled and her body abandoned just yards from her Rawdon Avenue home.

The case was dubbed ‘The Red Shoe Murder’ as only one of Norma’s red shoes was found at the murder scene.

The police launched an investigation and interviewed more than 1000 people about her murder.

Despite this, no-one has ever been charged for her murder.