CORONAVIRUS cases are rising fast in Clifton South and Rawcliffe according to the latest statistics released by the Government.

It is now rated as a purple area, the same level as the areas covering the University of York. and Tang Hall, which has many student houses.

This afternoon, the Government revealed Clifton South and Rawcliffe has 37 cases, up by 20 and representing a rise of 116 per cent.

The seven-day figure for the area, adjusted to give cases per 100,000 population was 440.1 on October 19, the latest available.

Most of the city is deep blue, the second level down, with a few parts light blue the level below that.

Over the same seven-day period, York as a whole had 646 new cases, representing 306.7 per 100,000 population.

In the last day, 23,012 positive cases have been reported across the UK.