AN EAST Yorkshire woman could find herself homeless if she allows anyone to visit her in the next three months.

Only Sophie Nutter is able to be in her home in Schofield Avenue, Beverley, until January 21, under a closure order.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council successfully persuaded Hull magistrates to grant it for the house after Nutter received a suspended prison sentence for using her home to supply drugs.

Nigel Brignall, the council's anti-social behaviour team manager said: “The drug dealing and late night parties at the property have made the lives of those living nearby a misery.

“The judge made it clear Nutter is on her final warning and any breach of this closure order will result in the council making an application for a full closure order which would see her also excluded from entering the property"

“The council takes anti-social behaviour very seriously and will not tolerate this kind of behaviour, regardless if they’re council tenants or not.”

Anyone other than Sophie Nutter who enters the house in Schofield Avenue, Beverley will be committing an offence and could be jailed for up to six months.