I SMILED (briefly), after reading Natasha Lee’s recent letter: “It's easy for pensioners to apply for TV licence”. Just you try and get one - I have been trying since the beginning of August.

I have now returned a total of three application forms to TV Licencing Ltd for a 75+ Plan licence.

The response shortly after each one was sent, was a template letter informing me that “We’ve not been able to take your latest TV licence payment as there is a problem with the Direct Debit mandate”.

In desperation I finally phoned TVL Customer Services and was informed that due to the unexpectedly high demand for applications (did they not know how many 75+ year old persons live in this country?), they are at least two months behind processing them. Meanwhile, their computer system is programmed to automatically send out these disturbing reminders that “We’ve not received your TV Licence payment”. Obviously the computer sending out the reminders is not aware that the request for a new licence is still yet to be processed. The advice from their helpful Customer Service representative was to ignore ALL the reminders.

Presumably, I am now breaking the law by viewing without a licence. Will the Press readers please organise a petition to have me released when I start my prison sentence?

Trevor Illingworth,

Etive Place,