OUR cash strapped Lib Dem-Green council wants Government money but is not so hard up to reverse the pay rise they gave themselves when elected. Other citizens are suffering real hardship but that's ok.

There is sufficient money for car hating D'Agorne to spend on putting up and taking down the empty Castle Mills bridge bike lane and waste money on the Groves traffic disaster.

Then there's the £250,000 to help cyclists negotiate a few steps in Marygate and more traffic lights to impede cars.

Money to close Tower car park but no money for needed replacement parking in St George's fields and money to invest in commercial property in our dying city centre.

Paying for taxis for the disabled, formerly parking themselves, doesn't make much sense or consideration for the inconvenience of older people.

Am I missing something? Roll on the next council elections.

John Zimnoch,

Osbaldwick village,