LOCAL council leaders and MPs have recently voiced their opinion on Yorkshire devolution.

Each seeking their own advantage for their respective political parties - though they would never admit to being biased of course.

My gripe is why this fundamental issue is being left up to our (temporary) representatives. Surely this is a question for all (permanent) residents of Yorkshire?

My argument would be against any form of dividing Yorkshire at all. In my opinion we should remain Britain's largest county.

A Yorkshire parliament could sit in York, retaining existing town councils throughout the county, though with reduced management. That which can be, should be centralised in York.

I'm not concerned which political party would dominate, democracy would decide that - every five years.

The size of the issue shouldn't phase anyone. Nicola Sturgeon leads a similar parliament in Scotland, enjoying a much larger geographical area with a similar population to Yorkshire. We would also have an authority to more than match Greater Manchester.

Let's please not forget the East Riding in our considerations.

I understand that South Yorkshire has already made its decision. Perhaps they could choose to join us at a later date.

David Room,

Elmpark View,