THE letter from M Horsman (October 23) asks if Keir Starmer could do better than the current government.

I suggest he looks at facts - the UK has the highest number of excess deaths in Europe; the decisions taken by the Government have generally been too late and still are.

They have talked about world beating test and trace systems - these are failing. The results are steadily getting worse. Public support has declined since the Dominic Cummings affair.

Keir Starmer proposed a two-week national lockdown as recommended by the scientific advisers - the government has instead gone for a hotchpotch of tier systems which are confusing.

I agree this virus does not respect boundaries but we can take action to inhibit it - unfortunately, this government is incapable of taking decisions in a sensible way.

They lack clarity and consistency.

It is the job of Keir Starmer to point that out and make other proposals as he has done especially on the economic issues. Look at other countries to see how they have managed so much better.

I fear the worst is yet to come.

James Cannon.

St Pauls Square,