OUR group would like to send a message of solidarity to Dr Basem Enany and his family.

We were extremely saddened to learn that a York doctor who was at the frontline of the pandemic during the first wave is now in ICU with the illness himself.

Upon sorrow is heaped anger and dismay that Dr Enany and his family now face possible deportation by the Home Office.

It is unacceptable that Dr Enany should have to worry about his and his family's immigration status at such a time.

The hostile environment created by the current government means the contribution of migrant workers is neither recognised nor valued. Yet, without them the NHS would collapse.

A Gofundme page set up by a colleague of doctor Enany to raise money for his legal fees and health costs has raised over £130,000 in just under a week. This shows the strength of support for him and his family and reflects the anger and dismay people feel about the situation they are in.

But this charity page should not have to exist: health workers should have a right to continued free treatment within the NHS they have dedicated themselves to, and a right to stay in the country they came to help.

Julie Forgan,

Southbank, York

On behalf of York TUC Council of Action