CANVAS tents, outdoor seating and food trucks and bars are providing a festival vibe for students at the University of York.

Pop-up covered areas have been set up across the university's sprawling campuses to give students the chance to socialise and study while adhering to Covid regulations.

The Information Centre Marquee, on Campus West, and the Piazza Marquee, on Campus East, are being used as a bookable spaces for up to six in one household, without households mixing.

There are two members of staff working in both at all times of operation, from noon until 10pm.

A spokesperson for the university said: "The spaces are used typically for quiet study and for societies and colleges to host events safely while maintaining physical distancing and not mixing households - wrapped around the support we have on campus for our students.

York Press:

The tented area at Campus East, University of York

"There are NHS track-and-trace scanning points, along with hand sanitiser stations and a robust cleaning schedule."

Also on Campus West, in the Vanbrugh Bowl, is The Forest - a vast festival site complete with tents, outdoor seating areas, bars and food trucks which was set up and paid for by the university at the start of term.

The university added that since York moved up to tier 2 Covid restrictions The Forest was "still operational and fully compliant with tier 2 status".

York Press:

Inside The Forest at Campus West, University of York

Patrick O'Donnell, YUSU President, said he was delighted the university was able to provide "safe social spaces" for students.

He said: "Students are able to book out spaces across both YUSU and university venues, and can use these areas for study, or organised activity for our societies and volunteering groups.

“At a time when students across the country may be feeling isolated, it is more important than ever before that we provide spaces to both study and socialise safely.

"To date, students have overwhelmingly used these spaces responsibly and have demonstrated their understanding of their role in keeping both themselves and wider community safe."