A CARE home in York, which is yet to record any cases of Covid-19, has installed a new safe area for visitors to come and see their family members living in the home.

The Lodge in Heslington have installed the new 'Covid safe summer house', allowing them to safely welcome visitors to the home without the need for them to actually go inside the home, which is imperative as we move into autumn, and the weather begins to change.

The Covid safe area is made from an old garden shed, converted into an area with plastic screening to prevent the spread of the virus and enough space to allow for social distancing measures to be followed.

Sue Saville, the registered manager of The Lodge, said: "The visitors pod has benefitted the residents and their families as they have a safe place to be in contact.

"Previously, we were only able to facilitate garden visits which were heavily dependent on the often unpredictable weather.

"Going forward as the pandemic continues, we are able to ensure that our residents have safe-distanced contact with their loved ones throughout the winter months

The Lodge, Fulford Nursing Home and The Gravers Care Home are the only York homes to have kept clear of the virus so far since the pandemic began.

Sue went on to say: "We responded early to the outbreak and minimised visitors in the home before the country-wide lockdown and instead facilitated garden visits and video calls to limit exposure and the risks to residents.

"The whole staff team have been extra vigilant and taking added precautions both in and out of work to protect each other and the residents."

"This a great triumph for the home and is definitely something to celebrate within the care industry and beyond."