THE new booking office at York Station is an absolute insult to the travelling public.

The old office, during busy periods,would have a staff of four or five assisting up to 30 to 40 travellers. The new kiosk appears to have facilities to accommodate a maximum of two staff and half a dozen members of the public.

In busy times the service will be abysmal.

This is just another manifestation of railway management’s policy of screwing the public for as much as they can, and offering as little as possible in return.

At busy times it will be impossible to find out details of journeys and tickets, in spite of rip-off prices.

It beggars belief what the travelling public have to put up with, and it is to be hoped our MP can be inspired to kick the backside of the railway management.

Mr Ledger,

Horseman Close,

Copmanthorpe, York