I HAVE attached a photograph which I recently took of an articulated HGV turning right from Hobgate into Moorgate.

Both of these residential streets are clearly marked at their junctions with Acomb Road as restricted 7.5 tonne maximum weight limited roads.

No wonder both Hobgate and Moorgate are potholed for their entire lengths. It is also only a matter of time before there is an accident when one of these huge vehicles fails to negotiate getting round lawfully parked residents' cars.

This problem is also exacerbated by drivers, including HGV drivers, ignoring the 20 mph speed limits which North Yorkshire Police are not interested in enforcing.

At least cars, made of nuts and bolts can be repaired; people aren't and quite often can't.

On contacting the council, their answer was that they could do nothing about this issue.

Having contacted Cllr David Heaton about this problem, he also received the same reply when he spoke to the relevant department.

They also added that this problem is 'not a priority at the moment'!

I would therefore be extremely interested in hearing how the Green Party who are in coalition with the Lib Dems and in particular Cllr Andy D'Argone, executive member for transport and leader of the Green Party on the council, can explain how this 'lack of priority' actually squares with their policies on their party's website to 'make streets safe'.

Peter Taylor,


Acomb, York