DID you used to pop in to Poppins for a bite to eat?

The family restaurant on York's Pavement was a popular one with readers - and we've found some old photos in our archive to prompt fond memories.

Based in Pavement, opposite St Crux Church, this was a popular place for families to visit, and many readers remember popping into Poppins for breakfast.

It is remembered fondly by many Press readers including Chris Birdsall who posted a picture of its distinctive brown and orange exterior on our Facebook page Why We Love York - Memories and said: "This was a family favourite so much so if we have a full English we still call it a Poppins lol."


York Press:

The outside of Poppins restaurant in Pavement, York

Carol Dixon said she remembered it being Haggenbachs when she was young.

Joanne Simpson said: "My dad always took us in for breakfast when we went to town on Saturdays."

For Janet Delap, Poppins brings back memories of birthday parties. She said: "We had my daughter's birthday party there two years running! The staff were brilliant with the ten screaming girls!"

Sylvia Dobson recalls visiting in the mid to late 1990s. "I remember eating full English, and they did delicious pancakes in syrup."

Irene Rawlinson said: "My daughter had a Saturday job there in the early 80s."

Tracey Jones posted: "Oh wow, nearly every weekend in there for a milkshake."

In our archive at The Press, we found three more old photos of Poppins.

York Press:

Poppins in Pavement in 1984

One shows a new exterior for the restaurant in Pavement in 1984 while another shows a refurb inside. The caption says: "Completely refurbished, a former burger bar in Pavement joins the growing ranks of the Poppins chain of restaurants, February 1984".

York Press:

A refurb of the interior of Poppins in 1984

Our third photo of Poppins recalls a re-opening in 1988 with a promotion for a free coffee.

York Press:

Pop in for a free coffee to Poppins in 1988

What restaurants do you miss? And where do you like to dine out today?

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