I refer to your article of October 2 headlined ‘78-home development planned for green belt land at Dunnington’.

Dunnington Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting on September 30 when it was unanimously agreed to oppose this planning application for 78 houses to be built in the village for a number of reasons.

The land is in green belt and the infrastructure of the village cannot in any way support such a large development. This is demonstrated by the services that we have lost over the last few years.

The land is currently accessed from a single track road and comprises an open field and a former market garden. The village has not lost any of its rural setting as it is surrounded by green belt and it is important that this aspect is retained for the benefit and future of the community not to mention the impact on the environment and wildlife.

There are many alternative brown field locations within the city that should be developed first before losing valuable green field areas.

Unfortunately, so far as we are concerned there has not been any opportunity, especially with Covid, to hold any sort of meaningful consultation with anyone in respect of this very large development which will have a detrimental impact on a lot of peoples lives and is actually an affront to localism and democracy.

The parish council will be submitting its position in respect of the application in due course.

Cllr Andrew Dykes,

Chairman, Planning Group,

Dunnington Parish Council